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Now Someone Else Can Take Care of You


His voice grew cold as he pushed her aside,
Shouting he never really loved her.
Crumpling as he spoke,
she waited for the floor to swallow her.

She knew it was the woman from the park that day.
Fate steered her to crossing paths with him
In his lovers’ arms, sunshine framed their tryst.
There was a complete lack of sound as her life exploded.

She could not look away from the devastatingly
beautiful way he held her face,
kissing her youthful mouth.
Perhaps whispering into her ear what were once lies
previously reserved for his wife.

It would be so much easier if she could hate him.
But any emotion she felt for him left years ago.
These days promises of forever were misleading.
I love you was simply a means to a cynics end.

Quietly she murmured for him to go.
Far from being that fairy tale story ending –
She began.


Casual Glance

Look closer.
So much more beyond
surface pains layered through the years.
Delve into my mind,
to find the fantasy I guard.

At one time you toyed with the key.
Parting from an everyday route to work.
Flowers, candy and promises as fragile as
your ego.
You struggled with your own betrayals.
Leaving me to my dreams.
Swimming in the fantasy I guard.

I sat at the bottom of my wall
built with cruelty and fear.
Finding I longed for you,
to make you laugh with my wit.
Wondering if I might learn
how to dance around power struggles.
Planting daisies in the fantasy I guard.

Our love affair mentally sketched out in a three-minute play,
after our accidental bump at the art show.
Fickle notions of forever
seem too long for the damaged.
Eternity is that day you forgot to call.
Infinity in that night I never came home.
Losing myself within the fantasy I guard.

Love, with special effects

When you see a beautiful picture,
the subject cannot be questioned.
In its simpilest form, art.

When you look upon a sunset,
serene across the horizon
the final destination is clear.

People are not as easily read.
Easily covered exteriors,
false actions,


Deceptions played on the willing.
To weak to accept the truth and yearning for any sort of love.
Cast down from each plastic figure.

Once uncovered the charade will surely be over.
Exclaiming, “I see you NOW!”

But the blind choose to remain blind.
So you see exactly what they show you, effects and all.


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