Jumping jacks, but only in my head.


Image by Julia Morales

I am now a few days in for my official writing efforts (let’s not forget those many years the papers hid in a box in my closet). During this establishment period I figured that I would rely heavily on my previous works or ideas that had been rumbling around in my head. Instead, everything I see begins to spark an idea for a poem or a post. It’s nice but I guess I may have to start walking around with a notepad since I do not have one of those fancy phones you can just recite your grand ideas in. Well, that’s not true, I am probably just not using the device to its full capacity but anyway, back to this topic.

What has been a further surprise is the way I look at things after reading so many of the other posts on this site. I rush home to read something again and again to see exactly how their turn of phrase speaks to me. On occasion I become so absorbed I think the person might be writing just for me. Which as eerie as it sounds is actually a compliment to the writer since they have involved me so deeply in their experience.

I am incredibly thankful that some of you have been reading me as well. This has been an amazing experience after all the years of reading my poetry to my captive audience (mainly family members) to have them nod and give the obligatory, “that is great honey”.

For April, I signed up for the 30 poems in 30 days. I plan to write as much as possible up until then but am looking forward to exploring topics I may have not previously envisioned during that time period.

Coffee cup clink to all! Julia


As of Latte

I love to watch you softly blowcoffee cups
that ridiculously hot beverage.
Your lips pursed in an invisible straw expression,
eyes nearly crossing as you look
at the ripples made amongst the foam.
A tentative sip which always leads to burned lips.
Instead, you attempt the tried and true stir cooling method.
Careful maneuvering with a wooden stick
designed by someone who is surely laughing
at the bank while you use it.
I smile.
Not entirely at the delicate dance with your drink of choice,
but at the concentration.
Fingers grasping the silly cup clothes
designed by someone else that is surely laughing
at the bank.
It’s almost arousing as your tongue licks the cream
along the slender stick.
Eyes closing for a moment as the strong bitterness
mixed with sweet meets in your mouth.
I’d take you in my arms now for a kiss.
To taste you.
Damn that risk of a spill!

Casual Glance

Look closer.
So much more beyond
surface pains layered through the years.
Delve into my mind,
to find the fantasy I guard.

At one time you toyed with the key.
Parting from an everyday route to work.
Flowers, candy and promises as fragile as
your ego.
You struggled with your own betrayals.
Leaving me to my dreams.
Swimming in the fantasy I guard.

I sat at the bottom of my wall
built with cruelty and fear.
Finding I longed for you,
to make you laugh with my wit.
Wondering if I might learn
how to dance around power struggles.
Planting daisies in the fantasy I guard.

Our love affair mentally sketched out in a three-minute play,
after our accidental bump at the art show.
Fickle notions of forever
seem too long for the damaged.
Eternity is that day you forgot to call.
Infinity in that night I never came home.
Losing myself within the fantasy I guard.

Here it is…


When we change things in life we typically tend to make huge sweeping changes. Moments of grandeur. The simple changes like buying a new brand of toothpaste or tying our shoelaces differently would not make for interesting conversation at the water cooler. I prefer to make smaller changes though. It’s less upsetting to the family than taking a year to hike through the Yukon Territory. Cheaper than traveling to Sydney to photo catalog all those poisonous snakes they have.

Changes like typing some thoughts into a forum such as this one seemed just the thing I needed. While contemplating my layout and finding a few choice posts to make, I have gathered a great deal of entertainment from other members here. Who knew that a way to a mans heart could be found through bacon? I always suspected as much.

I hope to stimulate everyone, in one way or another through my posts. Maybe I could be a small change in another persons life today.

Love, with special effects

When you see a beautiful picture,
the subject cannot be questioned.
In its simpilest form, art.

When you look upon a sunset,
serene across the horizon
the final destination is clear.

People are not as easily read.
Easily covered exteriors,
false actions,


Deceptions played on the willing.
To weak to accept the truth and yearning for any sort of love.
Cast down from each plastic figure.

Once uncovered the charade will surely be over.
Exclaiming, “I see you NOW!”

But the blind choose to remain blind.
So you see exactly what they show you, effects and all.


Once we left that corner
our hearts fell.
Following years of broken dreams,
hurtful cries of irrationality,
betrayals that were understood only by the accused.
Later encounters that would never actually materialize.
Those wisps of hope falling.
My memories of all we did and what we never said,
puzzle pieces that will never connect again.


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